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Going Green: Living Walls Bring Alive Two of our Texas Shacks

Feb 14, 2017

In homage to our Madison Square Park roots, two of our Texas Shacks are brought alive by living, green walls.

Before Shake Shack’s first Texas Shack opened, Michael Hsu Office of Architecture connected us with Articulture Designs, an Austin-based design firm, boutique and event space that specializes in plant and botanical design. As part of our mission to Stand for Something Good® and to adapt to the environments and communities we call home, Articulture helped furnish our South Lamar and Houston Galleria Shacks with green walls made of moss.

The South Lamar Shack, opened in May 2015, was the first Shack to be brought alive by Articulture. A wall of the interior is covered by living moss, sourced from the Northwest and other mossy regions. The moss is kept alive and fresh by being hand-misted every few months.

Green wall

The Houston Galleria Shack, opened in November 2016, features a preserved moss wall that doesn’t require watering to maintain its color and appearance. Articulture’s design director and “artrepreneur,” Monique Capanelli, said Articulture chose moss for Shake Shack because of its regal beauty and simplicity.

Houston Galleria Shack

“For all Articulture living walls, we want to create something to be in awe over,” said Capanelli. “I feel like we all innately respond to nature, whether we’re conscious of it or not. And as urban centers are increasingly, well, urban, living walls help keep us connected to the need for nature that’s in our DNA. For Shake Shack, it was such a perfect opportunity to make the restaurant’s décor align with the restaurant’s food and business philosophy: all-natural, handmade, sustainable and forward thinking.”

Capanelli created her first series of living walls about ten years ago as a solo art show in Austin and launched Articulture Designs in 2009 in a home studio. Now, Capanelli, her husband Dante and a staff of “Articulturists” operate out of a 2,220 square-foot studio that focuses on living walls, interior botanical design, living furniture, landscape design and weddings & events.

“I feel really blessed to do what I do and to have the opportunity to work with amazing and forward-thinking companies such as Shack Shack,” said Capanelli.

To view more of Articulture’s living walls, visit their the Articulture’s website here.

Green wall with seating in front

Houston Shack green wall with tree branch on wall

tree branch on green wall