Good 'N' Green

Brownie Love-Crete Spins a Love Story at the Midtown East Shack June 6-12

Jun 6, 2016

Shack’s serving up sweet love. As part of our mission to Stand For Something Good, we partnered with God’s Love We Deliver, an organization dedicated to providing nutritious meals to people living with severe illness, to launch a “Kidtrapreneurship” master class with Avenues: World School students.

After completing their week-long course, 8th grade students competed to create and name their very own concrete that embodied the ethos of both God’s Love We Deliver and Shake Shack.

And the winner is… Brownie Love-Crete (single: $4.59 / double: $6.79)! The concrete is made with vanilla frozen custard, the signature God’s Love We Deliver fresh baked brownie, cocoa nibs and strawberry purée.

Brownie Love-Crete is spinning at the Midtown East Shack from June 6th-12th. The sweetest thing: we’re donating $2 from every concrete to God’s Love We Deliver!

Brownie Love-Crete with three spoons in cup

Brownie Love-Crete (created by 6th-8th graders in the Kidtreprenuership class at Avenues: The World School): Vanilla frozen custard blended with Chuck's Famous Brownies, cocoa, nibs, and strawberry purée