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Shake Shack Kuwait Keeps It All Smiles For Military Moms On Mother’s Day

May 12, 2016

Our Kuwait Shacks teamed up for the American Women’s League Mother’s Day luncheon to support military moms who are unable to see their children on this special day. Moms joined together from the 4 different military bases throughout Kuwait. For some, this was their first time leaving the military base! After an awesome afternoon, our Shacks dished up Shack swag and vouchers for a hand-spun red velvet concrete on the house. Sweet!

Military Moms gather at Shake Shack Kuwait

Shake Shack Mother's Day presents in bags on a table

Military Moms at Shake Shack Kuwait sitting in rows with gifts in front of them

Military moms enjoy a Mother's Day meal in a banquet hall at white tables