Good 'N' Green

Walking For Something Good: Shake Shack Joins Project Bread At Their Annual Walk For Hunger

May 2, 2016

Custard for the win! Project Bread’s Walk For Hunger took place this past weekend, where the Boston Shacks scooped over 40,000 samples of custard for participants as they crossed the finish line. The Walk For Hunger brings Bostonians together to rally around hunger issues in Massachusetts and to raise money for hunger relief programs throughout the state.

Project Bread funds over 400 hunger relief programs in communities across Massachusetts, and the Walk For Hunger has raised over $100 million since it began in 1969.

Shake Shack hat with a Walk for Hunger 5K Run pin

Team members smiling for a photo at the run

Runner wearing a Shack and Field jacket and smiling for the camera

Dog chomping into a Shake Shack frisbee

Shake Shack custard samples at the Walk for Hunger in front of Shack Bag

Walk for Hunger tent with Shake Shack banner and seated runners in grass