Good 'N' Green

Crispy Peking Chicken Flocks to D.C.-Area Shacks

Apr 15, 2016

It takes two! Shake Shack is proud to announce a limited edition collaboration with celebrated chef Erik Bruner-Yang for the D.C., Maryland and Virginia area. Crispy Peking Chicken ($6.49) consists of a crispy chicken breast with Maketto hoisin sauce, pickle, cucumber and scallion. This DMV-exclusive sandwich is an updated comfort classic from Chef Erik Bruner-Yang and Shake Shack culinary director Mark Rosati.

Crispy Peking Chicken is available from Friday, April 15th—24th at the Dupont Circle, F Street, Union Station, Inner Harbor and Tysons Corner Shacks.

Crispy Peking Chicken sandwich held in hands

“The flavors of Peking duck are almost as American as Shake Shack in this day and age,” said Chef Erik Bruner-Yang, founder of Toki Underground. This joint effort furthers Shake Shack’s mission to work with best in class culinary partners.

Served on a pillowy potato roll, Crispy Peking Chicken is cage-free chicken breast—no hormones or antibiotics ever—slow-cooked in a creamy buttermilk marinade, hand-dipped into Shack-made batter and dredged through seasoned flour.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to be collaborating with Chef Erik Yang for a special one-time chicken sandwich,” said Mark Rosati. “Crispy Peking Chicken harnesses and highlights all that’s great about our fine casual chicken through Chef Yang’s cooking style and flavors.”

Crispy Peking Chicken sandwich by Erik Bruner-Yang and Shake Shack