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Check "Locations" to see if your local Shack is taking mobile orders. When you spot it, order away!

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Pick Your Time.

Pick the best time for you to swing by the Shack!


Pick Your Food.

Feeling like it's a Chick'n Shack kind of day?
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Wait for the text.

We'll buzz ya when your order's ready for pick up.


Pick it up.

Find the "Shack App Pick Up" sign at the counter, and let a Team Member know you're picking up an app order. Easy peasy!

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Still have questions?

We’ve got your back. Check out our general FAQs or the “FAQ” section on the Shack App!


How do I find a location where I can order?

Click on the “Order Now” button on the app’s home screen and a list of available locations will display.  The locations closest to you will be displayed automatically.  If your app still doesn’t load locations, you will need to ensure that location services is enabled.


What can I order through the Shack App?

Nearly all of the Shack classics including our burgers, hot dogs, fries and more. You won’t find beer, wine, concretes and Pooch-inis.


How big can my order be?

It can get pretty big. Up to 10 items or more per category in most locations (ex: 10 burgers, 10 hot dogs). This order cap allows our Shack to serve as many people as possible.


How will I know when my food is ready?

Wait for the buzz. We’ll text you when it’s time for pickup.


How can I tell if an item has an allergen?

During the checkout process, you have the option to enable an allergy filter. Select specific allergens and items with the selected allergens will be highlighted with a red icon. Check out full allergen information here.


I picked up my order and have some feedback.

We want to hear it! Contact us.