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Shake & Shack! Shake Shack And Quiet Events Are Hosting a Free Silent Dance Party at Madison Square Park

Jun 13, 2017

Who ever wrote the rule that waiting in line can’t be fun? Shake Shack is committed to hospitality throughout the guest experience. For guests who are waiting in line, what’s more hospitable than an epic dance party?

Shake Shack is teaming up with Quiet Events to host a free Silent Dance Party for guests at the Madison Square Park Shack on Friday, June 23rd from 12-2PM. Preserving the serenity of Madison Square Park, guests can tune into the beats of 3 different DJs with Quiet Events wireless headphones. Toggle between tunes, dance with fellow guests and don’t stop ‘til you get a burger!

shake shack quiet events party flyer with date, location, and type of music