Good 'N' Green

Take a hike to the Shack for the Shack Everest concrete!

Jun 6, 2017

What do you crave after summiting Mount Everest? According to adventurers Cory Richards and Adrian Ballinger: Shake Shack! Today our fearless leader Randy Garutti met up with the hiking heroes to treat them to a well-deserved breakfast from our OG Madison Square Park Shack.

Peep the video to see their full meet up! Here’s a sneak peek:

Randy: What was your most memorable meal from your trek to the top of the world’s highest mountain?

Cory & Adrian: Somebody tried to make us a burger one night and, I mean, it was special–but it wasn’t a burger.

Randy: What was the hardest part of getting to the summit?

Cory: For me it’s the actual final summit push, that’s 40 hours.  So it’s 40 hours straight of being awake.

Adrian:  For me it’s just two months of low grade suffering. You can’t eat, you can’t sleep.

Randy: So there was no beef the whole time?  

Cory: I mean, there was yak.

Adrien: How about a Shake Shack yak burger?

Randy: A Shack Yak!

In celebration of their epic journey, we whipped up a custom concrete just for them! The Shack Everest concrete goes to great heights. Made as a double, we spun up Mast Brothers dark chocolate chunks with vanilla frozen custard, chocolate sprinkles, whipped cream and topped with an “Everest” sugar cone peak.  Two spoons? Yes, please!

ice cream cone placed upside down in a shake shack cup

Design your very own Shack Everest concrete:

–          Pick a base camp: vanilla or chocolate frozen custard.

–          Choose your favorite mix-ins from what ya see on your local Shack menu.

–          Don’t forget to add the sugar cone peak and top it off with whipped cream.

Remix: you can always create custom, DIY concretes at the Shack! Every Shack has exclusive concretes inspired by our unique neighborhoods. We partner with local artisans and purveyors to showcase mix-ins like seasonal pie, brownies, jam—the list goes on and is always different. Get creative on your next visit, friends!

ice cream cone placed upside down in a shake shack cup held in hand