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Water Makes the World Go ‘Round: Waterkeeper Alliance Helps Rebuild Nepal

Jun 5, 2017

Our beginnings are with Mother Nature (we did start in a park, after all!), and we give back to the planet through our mission to Stand For Something Good®.

Shake Shack is a proud member of 1% for the Planet, which means that one percent of every Shack2O bottle sold supports the Waterkeeper Alliance and every community’s right to drinkable, fishable and swimmable water. Since 2014, Shake Shack has donated more than $36,000 to the cleanup of water sources!

shack2o water bottle on table

Our friends at Waterkeeper have helped more than 300 communities on six continents. In 2015, an earthquake hit Nepal and took more than 8,000 lives and disrupted the environment. Since the devastating earthquake, Nepali Waterkeepers have been rescuing communities and rebuilding Nepal, one waterway at a time.

“Nepal is a place of contrasts: striking beauty and terrible pollution. Raw sewage pours into rivers, plastic is burned on the streets, and formerly clear rivers run brown,” said Brett VandenHeuvel of Columbia Riverkeeper. “The rivers of Nepal need a voice to speak for them. The Nepali Waterkeepers serve that role. In a place where environmental laws are rarely enforced, Waterkeepers will step up.”

raft white water rafting in river rapids

Photo by Anup Gurung, Nepal Kayak & Canoe Club

In the past two years, the Nepali Waterkeepers have grown from one organization to five – all fighting the pollution, raw sewage, trash, sand mining and hydro dam projects that threaten Nepal’s rivers. The Nepali Waterkeepers continue to grow, and have even organized a world-class cleanup program with thousands of volunteers.

Waterkeeper Alliance members recently traveled to Nepal to see their work in action at the 2nd Nepal River Summit. Nepal’s first National Rafting Team took the Waterkeeper Alliance members on an unforgettable rafting trip to see the beauty of Nepal’s rivers and how their work is improving the lives of the Nepali.

We love working with like-minded partners, and are proud to help Waterkeeper Alliance help communities!

children riding on a canoe in the river

Photo by Anup Gurung, Nepal Kayak & Canoe Club