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Shack Family Feature: Jacci

May 24, 2017

We’re all about our Shack family! As part of Shake Shack’s mission to Stand for Something Good®, we’re always looking to help our team members grow and thrive, both personally and professionally.

Jacci joined the team five years ago after working in retail. She’d had no experience in the food industry and was nervous to start the gig as a cook/cashier at the Center City Shack. After months of working as a cashier, Jacci used our Steppin’ Up Model to become a Cross Trainer. As a Cross Trainer, Jacci developed a passion for teaching and was able to help train team members at more than 15 Shack openings.

“I’ve had so many opportunities within the company I never thought I could have,” Jacci said. “The Cross Trainer program really kept me fulfilled and challenged.”

shake shack employee jacci holding an ice cream cone in each hand

After killin’ it as a Cross Trainer for a few months, Jacci was promoted to Supervisor. Now, she’s a Shift Manager! Jacci has learned so much about herself during the five years she’s worked at Shake Shack.

“I developed a voice I never knew I had, I became more confident in speaking to others and making decisions and I improved my people skills,” she said.

She’s made many awesome friends and even met her best friend, who is now her roommate! Jacci celebrated her past two birthdays at new Shack openings with thoughtful presents from the team: vegan sorbet one year and vegan donuts the next.

“It was so thoughtful,” aid Jacci. “I really love having Shack birthdays.”

shake shack employee jacci and team posing for a photo

Jacci loves working for Shake Shack and plans to continue developing her career in more training and development roles.

“I had no idea that a person with no restaurant or cooking experience would be able to accomplish the things I’ve been able to. The Shack is an open door – you just have to figure out how to get there!”

At Shake Shack, we provide a clear path to get our team where they want to be through our “Steppin’ Up Model,” a step-by-step promotional path for growth. Check out this video for other stories like Jacci’s, and visit our job board to view openings within the Shack family!