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Shack Family Feature: Dave

Apr 10, 2017

We’re all about our Shack family! As part of Shake Shack’s mission to Stand for Something Good®, we’re always looking to help our team members grow and thrive, both personally and professionally.

Dave started his Shack career at the OG Shack in Madison Square Park. Back then, Dave had his sights set on the real estate business, and his start at Shake Shack in 2009 as a Team Member was a side gig while he was getting his broker’s license.

However, Shake Shack quickly became much more to Dave than a job. From the beginning, Dave really “felt the vibe of Shake Shack,” which was intensified when Randy Garutti, Shake Shack’s CEO, stopped by the Shack to grill and chill with the Team Members.

dave yearwood holding a child in left arm

After just two short weeks as a Team Member, Dave was promoted to Manager!

“I believed that Shake Shack embodied taking care of each other and I expressed that I wanted the opportunity to be a Manager and grow with the company,” Dave said.

Two years after joining the Shack fam at Madison Square Park, Dave moved to Connecticut to open the Westport Shack as General Manager. A few years later, Dave again worked his way up from Senior GM of Westport to Area Director of Connecticut, climbing all the way up the “Steppin’ Up” model.

Dave’s awesome progress didn’t stop there! He’s made his way to Long Island and now oversees the Melville Shack and the Lake Grove Shack in addition to the Connecticut Shacks.

children with gift bags posing in front of dave yearwood

From Team Member to Area Director, Dave’s favorite part of his Shack journey has been working side by side with stellar people.

“It’s a pretty cool feeling to be part of something larger than myself where I’ve been able to help others grow and thrive within the brand all while helping push it forward,” he said.

At Shake Shack, we provide a clear path to get our team where they want to be through our “Steppin’ Up Model,” a step-by-step promotional path for growth. Check out this video for other stories like Dave’s, and visit our job board to view openings within the Shack family!