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Shake Shack Dubai Kicks It With Al Noor

Mar 9, 2016

Shake Shack Dubai balls so hard…the team rounded up 8 players, working across 4 Shacks (who have joined our Shack family from 7 different nations around the world), to create the ultimate dream team for the Al Noor charity football tournament.

Team members from Shake Shack Mall of the Emirates, Shake Shack Mercato, Shake Shack JBR and Shake Shack Dubai Mall took it to the court to raise money for Al Noor (local charity organization whose mission is to provide training and support for persons with disabilities). The team played for something good with all participation fees going directly into a donation for Al Noor’s community commitments.

Shack Team Roster:

-UAE Operations Manager: Ben (UK)
-Shake Shack Mall of the Emirates: John (Nigeria)
-Shake Shack Mercato: Sean (Republic of South Africa)
-Shake Shack JBR: Andrew (Uganda)
-Shake Shack JBR: Michael (Nigeria)
-Shake Shack Dubai Mall: Biruk (Ethiopia)
-Shake Shack Dubai Mall: Sadiq (Uganda)
-Shake Shack Dubai Mall: Bhuwan (Nepal)

Shake Shack Dubai indoor football team posing on the indoor playing field

Shake Shack Dubai football team competing in a game for Al Noor



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