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Beats & Eats: Saturday Morning ShackTunes Kicks Off at the Upper West Side Shack

Mar 1, 2016

Saturday-morning cartoons just got some competition. The Upper West Shack hosted its first-ever Saturday Morning ShackTunes this past weekend, featuring kid-friendly musical performances and Shake Shack breakfast.

Beats were provided by Fairway (@fairwayband), Catie Vanderbilt (@catievanderbilt), and Pauline Pisano (@paulinepisano).

While the first Saturday Morning ShackTunes was only open to Shack friends & family, it’ll be opened up to various community organizations in the months ahead.

Rock out and stay tuned!

Saturday Morning ShackTunes! Saturday, February 27th: Calling all Shack Friends and Family! Join us for our first ever Saturday Morning ShackTunes, featuring kid-friendly music from these acts: Fairway, Catie Vanderbilt, and Pauline Pisano

Two men with instruments playing music

Photo Credit: Mark Simonson

Catie Vanderbilt in a viking hat playing a guitar and smiling

Photo Credit: Mark Simonson

Pauline Pisano smiling and waving while holding a guitar

Photo Credit: Mark Simonson

The crowd listens to live music at ShackTunes

Photo Credit: Mark Simonson