Good 'N' Green

We’ve Got The Creative Juices Flowin’ Across The Pond

Feb 25, 2016

That’s right burger buds, we’re servin’ up something extra special as we close out the 1st Artist in Residence of 2016.

We kicked off the year with some epic work from Lucy Daniels of Cardiff and Jasmine Parker of London. These ladies dazzled us with their designs month after month and now they’re closing out their residency with an art masterclass at the Shack.

Join us March 16th at the St. David’s Shack for a watercolor whirlwind with Lucy Daniels and March 30th at the Westfield Stratford Shack for pen to paper map action with Jasmine Parker. Classes start at 6:30pm and we’ve got you covered with free hand-spun shakes and crispy crinkle cut fries. Drop us a line to reserve your spot

Can’t make it to one of the classes? No sweat. Check out the final pieces below and get your hands on a postcard print at the St. David’s and Westfield Stratford Shacks this month.


Lucy Daniels Shake Shack Watercolor with two individuals, a dog, and some shake shack food items

After capturing some of Cardiff’s most iconic landmarks, Lucy featured one of Cardiff’s more modern landmarks for her last piece. The Millennium Stadium was opened in 1999 (initially built to host the 1999 Rugby World Cup) and is the second largest stadium in the world with a fully retractable roof. Nice!

Green and white designed Stratford Postcard by Jasmine Parker

For her last piece, Jasmine brings us back to our Stratford diggs (featuring our new outdoor ping pong table!). While Stratford is most commonly known for the 2012 Olympics, Jasmine takes us a bit deeper to highlight all that Stratford has to offer from development, industry, nature and history (have you ever been to the top of the Arcelor-Mittal Orbit?).

High-5, Lucy & Jasmine!