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Source For Something Good: Shake Shack’s Commitment to Cage-Free Eggs and Humanely-Raised Pork

Dec 17, 2015

UPDATE: We are thrilled to announce as of December 2016, our entire menu now uses cage-free eggs at all U.S. Shack locations! To further transparency for our team, guests and suppliers, our U.S. Animal Welfare Policy outlines our core beliefs, where we are and where we’re going.

No harm on this farm. Our mission is to Stand For Something Good in everything we do, which includes sourcing the best possible ingredients from suppliers committed to sustainability and humane and ethical practices.

Since we first introduced Shake Shack breakfast in 2013, we’ve sourced cage-free eggs for our Egg N’ Cheese sandwiches. We also use cage-free eggs for our Buttermilk Herb Mayo served on the Chick’n Shack. The chicken for our Chick’n Shack (Brooklyn Shacks only) and Chicken Dog has always been cage-free, all-natural and antibiotic and hormone-free.

Our bacon comes from Niman Ranch, a network of farms that raises livestock traditionally, humanely and sustainably. All pigs are raised outdoors in deeply bedded pens, with no gestation crates, and their protocols were developed with the help of animal welfare expert Dr. Temple Grandin.

We know we can always do better, which is why we’re committed to transitioning to the use of cage-free eggs for our final two menu items by the end of 2016: our ShackSauce and frozen custard. At that point, our entire menu will exclusively use cage-free eggs.  

It’s important to us that our beliefs are clear to our team, guests and suppliers. To set things in stone, we’ve been working hard this year on developing a public sourcing commitment, which we expect to announce by mid-2016.

We care about the issues that are important to our guests, so we want to hear from you! If we can ever do anything better, let us know.

Niman Ranch farms, where we source our bacon.

Niman Ranch farms, where we source our bacon.

Niman Ranch farms, where we source our bacon.